Signing of the Contract

John Morrison and Peter Scholtz for the church and  Paul Foster from our contractor Paul Foster Interiors signing the contract.

Work has already started and is due to be completed by 15th October.

The Under 5s huts have been dismantled and scaffold has been erected ready for the demolition of the vestry.

The site has now been cleared, an access road laid, walls and a brick shed have been demolished, and the slates have been removed from the vestry roof.

The bases for the Under 5’s and Property Steward’s huts have now been installed and on the left is the stack of cleaned bricks ready for the garden walls.

Placing of the hardcore for the hall floor has started.

Excavation has begun.

Excavation completed and starting to build up with hardcore, we are on our way!

The concrete for the stage recess has now been poured.

The contractor has now completed excavation of the foundations and the reinforcement for the rest of the foundations has been installed.

The foundations and floor slab concrete pour is complete.


Most of the new room internal walls are in place and around 50% of the exterior wood work is up. Installation of the roof trusses has begun.

Pictures showing the roof structure over the meeting room, the steel support structure for the side of the hall and the huge crane which towered over the original building.


The roof frame structure is now in place and the flat roof next to Model Farm has been boarded out.

The timber frame is now complete and the roof is ready for the slates to be installed.

The solar panels are in place and the interior is dry.

The tiling on the Dene Holm side of the new building is complete.

The floor insulation and the underfloor heating pipework have been installed.


The slates have all been installed  and first bricks laid.

The brickwork on the Dene Holm side of the new hall is complete

The Air Source Heat Pump  has been installed and installation of the windows and doors is underway.

Work on the interior of the building is well underway.