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Annual Report and Accounts


Trustees of Poppleton Methodist Church present their Annual Report for year ended 31st August 2021


Charity Commission: Registered Number 1179142

Official address: The Green, Upper Poppleton, York YO26 6DP

The governing documents of the Methodist Church are the Deed of Union (1932) and Methodist Church Act (1976).


Section 4 Methodist Church Act 1976 states

The purposes of the Methodist Church are and shall be Purposes deemed to have been since the date of union the advancement of —

(a) the Christian faith in accordance with the doctrinal standards and the discipline of the Methodist Church.

(b) any charitable purpose for the time being of any Connexional, district, circuit, local or other organisation of the Methodist Church.

(c) any charitable purpose for the time being of any society or institution being a society or institution subsidiary or ancillary to the Methodist Church.

(d) any purpose for the time being of any charity being a charity subsidiary or ancillary to the Methodist Church.


The Mission Statement of Poppleton Methodist Church based on “Our Calling” from the Methodist Church


Pillar 1: Worship


Our worship will be appealing and relevant to all age groups and people will really want to join in.


  1. To enhance the worship experience by exploring various styles of worship.
  2. To be more modern and forward-looking and make services more relevant and related to daily living.
  3. To endeavour to have greater visibility of worship: if it looks interesting people will be more inclined to think it is interesting and come in. Strap line – “Open the Church, see in, Come in”.


Pillar 2: Learning and Caring


Our Church experience is enriched through a variety of learning and caring opportunities that will allow us to grow in faith and share God’s love.


  1. To build on the range of groups that meet on a regular basis.
  2. To develop pastoral care, adopting a “Loving neighbour” approach, based on “Visit and Ask and Watch”.
  3. To aspire to be a Powerhouse of Learning, Caring, Mission, Prayer and Deepening Faith.
  4. To ensure our activities are truly inclusive.


Pillar 3: Service


Through our service to the community, we will make God’s love real to those around us.


  1. To address unsatisfied needs in the community using our gifts to develop our engagement with those around us.
  2. To use the redeveloped premises to offer additional options to the community enabling us to engage and build relationships with more people.
  3. To use the improved facilities to further develop our catering ministry.


Pillar 4: Evangelism


Our engagement with the community, and a varied programme of outreach, will encourage more people to explore the Christian Faith.


  1. To ensure we use the new facilities and our landmark location to make people feel comfortable coming on to the premises.
  2. To encourage a whole Church welcome and enthusiasm for families and children.
  3. To be more confident in sharing our faith.
  4. To show the community our faith by our actions.
  5. To communicate more effectively with the local community.

All this to be undergirded by a commitment to prayer and every-member ministry.


The Administration of Poppleton Methodist Church

The Church is held on the 1976 Model Trust by the Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes, and the Church Council act as Managing Trustees.

Managing Trustees at 31st August 2021

Chairman Rev Ian Hill (also currently Chair of F & P Committee)
Secretary Chris Boothman
Treasurer John Morrison
Pastoral Secretary Marilyn Ingle Representatives elected by the Church Meeting:
Church Stewards Chris Boothman

Margaret Catchpole

Moira Dacker

Wendy Heap

Moira Howard

Frances Priestnall

Chris Scholtz

Christine Stephenson

John Middleton

Lyn Johnson

Brian Latto

Sue Lynn

Ruth Morrison

John Perkin

Sue Perkin

Adrian Radford

Alan Wright

Plus, Members elected by the Church Council
Steven Boothman

Jenny Cookson

Sue Cushing

Sheila Latto

Sheila Middleton

Peter Scholtz

Judith Wright

Property Steward

Mission Committee

Coffee on the Green

Fund Raising

Circuit Council Representative


Worship Leader

Ecumenical Rep Lynda Salmon (not a Trustee)

The Church Council appoints annually all Church Officers as determined from time to time by the Council whether on the nomination of a committee or otherwise; all such appointments being for the year commencing 1 May, apart from the Church Treasurer, whose appointment commences on 1 September. The Council will also appoint the committees of the Church, again, as from 1 May each year. Elected Church Council members are appointed by the Annual Church meeting at which all Church members are eligible to vote.


Minister’s Report

It goes without saying that this has been a very unusual year.  Services in church only returned in April 2021, and even then, only on some Sundays. We still conduct one service per month online as this helps with the current shortage of preachers and also gives anyone who is housebound, caring for a loved one, or needing to shield an opportunity to join us.  Some other meetings have also remained online and may continue to do so, especially during the winter months.


The ‘silver lining’ is that we have acquired new skills that most of us would never have mastered otherwise.  Not only have I and others learnt to host and lead services and other meetings online, but most members of the congregation have managed to participate.  I am conscious however that there are people who have been excluded from this and so we have tried to keep in touch in other ways.


I am very grateful for all that people did to maintain our life as a church in the long period of Covid restrictions and beyond.  Pastoral Visitors and others have been diligent in keeping in touch with church members and the wider community by delivering newsletters, making ‘phone calls and chatting over the fence.   There have also been meals-on-wheels in lieu of Lunch Club and deliveries of cakes and other goodies by the Coffee-on-the-green team.


We have been more cautious than official regulations have required and have been slow to re-open, particularly for worship, as we have a relatively large and vulnerable congregation in a space that is not particularly big by church standards. We continue to try to make worship as safe as possible as we do not want anyone to feel excluded because they need to be careful about mixing.


Historically there have been many active Committees and groups operating in support of our Mission Statement, under the church’s umbrella, including Mission Committee; Church & Property Stewards; Coffee on The Green (and the Saturday Charity variety); Tea on the Green; Poppleton Lunch Club; Women’s Fellowship; CAMEO (Come and Meet Each Other); Ebor Court

Services: Kenya Connected Church; Tuesday Concern; The Craft and Art Group; Poppleton Methodist Drama Group; and the RUACH Project Committee (and associated Fund Raising). 


Although some have been in hibernation due to the prevailing circumstances, by September 2021 many of these groups’ activities have returned to the building however: the Tuesday Fellowship are meeting informally and plan to return to their usual format once the new hall becomes available.  Coffee on the Green has not only re-started but expanded into the afternoon and seems to be busier than ever. The Craft Group is also up-and-running.


I am surprised and relieved that the church managed to balance the books during the past year.  This is partly due to the generosity of members and friends, but also because we are fortunate that the Under 5’s Group continued to operate when all other lettings of the building had ceased, so that the fall in income from lettings was much less serious for us than it has been for many other churches.


The pandemic has highlighted how dependent churches often are on lettings for their income, and also how, even in this age of online banking, a significant proportion of giving comes through cash collections on Sundays.  We are trying to nudge people away from the latter towards direct giving wherever possible as this has a number of benefits.


Lettings are returning, but it will be a while before we can establish a regular pattern, especially with the new hall coming into use soon.


Stage 1 of the RUACH Project (the new hall) should be completed by Christmas 2021, following a final burst of fund-raising and grant applications plus some re-distribution of monies originally allocated to later stages.  The last point has the downside that raising funds for subsequent stages will be even more demanding, but it does mean that we have been able to go ahead with the most urgent part of the project so that we are freed from the restrictions of trying to share our very limited existing space with the Under 5’s Group.  We are indebted to the members of the RUACH Committee for all the work that has gone into, and continues to go into, making this vision a reality.


As the handover of the new hall approaches, we will have to think carefully about how to make best use of it and balance the needs of church, Under 5’s Group and the wider community.  This is a subject we will have to approach with sensitivity and vision. As one challenge is overcome, another begins to replace it.


With this in mind, it is good to report that the Circuit has allocated a new Outreach Worker to us, partly with capitalising on the new facilities in mind.  Bill has already made quite an impact in the church and community and we look forward to working with him to develop our outreach.


Financial Report


  1. General Unrestricted Church Receipts and Payments


Overall income is down by around £5,000 on the previous year. The standing orders have increased slightly, and cheque donations are up, but the cash received at services has only just restarted and so is down by around £5,000. The Gift Aid received is slightly down, but there was no small cash Gift Aid received at all.

We have received a full year’s rent this year from the Under 5s, but other letting is down by about £2,000.  There has been an increase in Coffee on the Green receipts, including lockdown baking, but this is partly offset by increased expenses as the café is open for longer and we are providing a greater range of catering. Income was £8,392.65, and expenses were £1,246.92- a surplus of £7,145.73, although some of the August 2021 expenses are included in the 2021-22 accounts.



Expenses were up by about £600. We saved some money on utilities and have a credit for electricity as they have started meter reading again but had a full year’s cleaning costs and paper towels etc. The major repair was to the wall at the back of the chapel at nearly £3,000. The circuit assessment was increased for the last quarter, so we will have a full year at the new rate.


Unrestricted Fund Balances at Year End

The final figures for the year show a surplus of income over expenditure of £3,245 for church activities, not including RUACH, which in the present situation is very positive.  The unrestricted balances for the year end are recorded as £318,124. However, at the start of the RUACH project, Church Council agreed that our reserves held at TMCP (Methodist Connexion) could be used for the building project. This was money received mainly as legacies from two sources and accumulated interest. The total on 31 August was £221,312 which was included in the above year-end balance. Since September 2021, we have drawn down all these funds so on December 31, 2021, there is a zero balance at TMCP, and our unrestricted reserves are now that much less.

  1. RUACH (Restricted) Fund

The RUACH Building Project Restricted Fund holds dedicated monies for the project and is in addition to monies held in the Unrestricted Fund which might be allocated to support this specific project.

Since the Fund commenced 5 years ago, a wide variety of fundraising activities have been held, individual generous donations made, gift aid recovered and grants from third parties received.  The follow summarises the current position on 31 August 2021 and includes the total amount paid to 31 August 2021.


  1. RUACH Project Update – January 2022

Phase 1 of our RUACH building project to build a new church hall is nearing completion. We hope to have it fully operational by February 2022. We have now paid all the legal, architects and other fees, and have paid £480,000 of the £510,500 agreed final costs to the builders and we have enough in our reserves to cover the remaining amount. In the unlikely event of further unexpected bills, we have arranged a loan facility with Methodist Chapel Aid for up to £60,000, and we hope not to use any of this.

  1. Methodist Chapel Aid (MCA) Loan

As the RUACH project is a large construction project, unexpected costs may arise. Accordingly, in March 2021, Church Council agreed to take out a loan from MCA, as a contingency to cover any shortfall in the funding of the RUACH project and to fund any unexpected costs. The agreed loan facility can be drawn down, if needed, to prevent construction coming to a halt and even more costs being incurred.

The loan for £60,000 was agreed with MCA on 18 March 2021 with no special charges or fees. For amounts drawn, the repayment period is 5 years, with payment of capital and interest being made every 6 months on 30th June and 31st December.  Additional capital repayments can be made ‘early’.  The interest rate is  competitive at 2.9% (2.96 APR) though it is variable.

The Trustees’ Annual Report and Accounts on pages 1 to 7 were approved by the Trustees on 25th January 2022 and signed on their behalf by:


            REVD IAN HILL                                                                               DR JOHN MORRISON                  


Revd Ian Hill (Chairman of Trustees and of Church Council)         and                 Dr John Morrison (Treasurer)
















Basis of preparation
The Accounts of Poppleton Methodist Church (‘PMC’) have been prepared in accordance with the Charities Act 2011, The Methodist Church Act 1976 and principles in ‘The Constitutional Practice and Discipline of the Methodist Church’, using the Receipts & Payments basis.  Receipts and Payments include income as received and expenditure when irrevocably paid. The Accounts include all transactions, assets and liabilities for which PMC is responsible in law.  They don’t include accounts of Internal Organisations (Table 4) nor those of informal gatherings of Church members.
Unrestricted funds represent the General Funds which are not subject to any special restrictions regarding their use and are available for application to the general purposes of PMC.  These include funds designated for a particular purpose by PMC e.g., the RUACH Project.


Restricted funds represent a) income from trusts or endowments which may be expended only on those restricted objects provided in the terms of the trust or bequest, and b) donations or grants received for a specific object or invited by PMC for a specific object. The funds may only be expended on the specific object for which they were given. Any balance remaining unspent at the end of each year must be carried forward as a balance on that fund. The Trustees do not always invest separately for each fund. Where there is no separate investment, interest is apportioned to individual funds on an average balance basis.


Restricted funds entirely comprise the RUACH Building Project.  In addition, funds raised specifically for designated charities or missionary work (as per section 1) are segregated and paid over directly to the charity or mission.  There are no endowment funds.
Fixed assets
The value of the land and buildings forming the Methodist Chapel and Church Hall are not included in these financial statements as they are included in the financial statements of York Methodist Circuit Charity No.1134381.


Fixtures and fittings as well as enhancements to the buildings forming the Methodist Church and Church Hall are fully expensed in the year the invoices are settled.

Cash Assets
In addition to Cash held in banks, some Cash is held in interest bearing Deposit Accounts at Methodist Chapel Aid Limited and with the Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church.


In addition, certain legacies received by PMC are affected by Section 15(2) of the Methodist Church Act 1976.  As such, these monies are held in trust for the benefit of PMC but are under the direction of the Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes.  These trust monies are interest bearing but also subject to administration charges.

For Unrestricted General Funds:

In the year to 31st August 2021, we proposed to maintain a minimum reserve on General Fund of £250,000 at least until the earlier of 31st August 2021 or commencement of the RUACH Building project. Now that the building work on our RUACH project has started, we have begun to use some of the General Fund held at TMCP to support the project. General Fund balances at TMCP will reduce almost to zero as the work proceeds.


General Funds for non RUACH expenses will aim to be kept at around 50% of our normal annual expenditure, giving some leeway to cover unexpected additional building costs.


For Restricted Funds:

The Restricted Fund represents our savings for the RUACH Building project. Most of the Restricted Funds currently available will be used for Phase 1 of our RUACH building work.  Any unspent surplus on Phase 1completion will be retained for Phase 2 of the Project.




Independent Examiner’s Report to the Trustees of Poppleton Methodist Church (‘PMC’)
I report on the Accounts contained within the Trustees’ Annual Report of Poppleton Methodist Church for the year ended 31 August 2021, set out on pages 1 to 7.
Respective Responsibilities of Trustees and Independent Examiner
The Charity’s Trustees are responsible for the preparation of the Trustees’ Annual Report and Accounts. They consider that an audit is not required for this year under section 144 of the Charities Act 2011 (the Charities Act) and that an Independent Examination is needed.


It is my responsibility to:

i) examine the Accounts under section 145 of the Charities Act.

ii) follow the procedures laid down in the General Directions given by the Charity Commissioners section 145(5)(b) of the Charities Act; and

iii) state whether particular matters have come to my attention.

Basis of Independent Examiner’s Report
My examination was carried out in accordance with General Directions given by the Charity Commission.


An examination includes a review of the accounting records kept by the Charity and a comparison of the Accounts presented with those records. It also includes consideration of any unusual items or disclosures in the Accounts and the Trustees’ Annual Report and seeking explanations from the Trustees concerning any such matters. The procedures undertaken do not provide all the evidence that would be required in a full audit, and consequently no opinion is given as to whether the accounts present a ‘true and fair’ view, and the report is limited to those matters set out in the statement below.

Independent Examiner’s Statement
In connection with my examination, no matters have come to my attention:
1)  Which give me reasonable cause to believe that in any material respect the requirements to keep accounting records in accordance with Section 130 of the Charities Act; or to prepare Accounts which accord with the accounting records and comply with the accounting requirements of the Charities Act, have not been met; or


2)  To which, in my opinion, attention should be drawn in order to enable a proper understanding of the Accounts to be reached.






Andrew GL Wordie RD BSc FCA
Independent Examiner
12 Easthorpe Drive
Nether Poppleton
York YO26 6NS

25th January 2022