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Annual Report and Accounts


Trustees of Poppleton Methodist Church present their Annual Report for year ended 31st August 2020

Charity Commission: Registered Number 1179142

Official address: The Green, Upper Poppleton, York YO26 6DP

The governing documents of the Methodist Church are the Deed of Union (1932) and Methodist Church Act (1976).


Section 4 Methodist Church Act 1976 states

The purposes of the Methodist Church are and shall be Purposes deemed to have been since the date of union the advancement of —

(a) the Christian faith in accordance with the doctrinal standards and the discipline of the Methodist Church;

(b) any charitable purpose for the time being of any Connexional, district, circuit, local or other organisation of the Methodist Church;

(c) any charitable purpose for the time being of any society or institution being a society or institution subsidiary or ancillary to the Methodist Church;

(d) any purpose for the time being of any charity being a charity subsidiary or ancillary to the Methodist Church.


The Mission Statement of Poppleton Methodist Church based on “Our Calling” from the Methodist Church

Pillar 1: Worship


Our worship will be appealing and relevant to all age groups and people will really want to join in.


  1. To enhance the worship experience by exploring various styles of worship.
  2. To be more modern and forward-looking and make services more relevant and related to daily living.
  3. To endeavour to have greater visibility of worship: if it looks interesting people will be more inclined to think it is interesting and come in. Strap line – “Open the Church, See in, Come in”.

Pillar 2: Learning and Caring


Our Church experience is enriched through a variety of learning and caring opportunities that will allow us to grow in faith and share God’s love.


  1. To build on the range of groups that meet on a regular basis.
  2. To develop pastoral care, adopting a “Loving neighbour” approach, based on “Visit and Ask and Watch”.
  3. To aspire to be a Powerhouse of Learning, Caring, Mission, Prayer and Deepening Faith.
  4. To ensure our activities are truly inclusive.

Pillar 3: Service


Through our service to the community we will make God’s love real to those around us.


  1. To address unsatisfied needs in the community using our gifts to develop our engagement with those around us.
  2. To use the redeveloped premises to offer additional options to the community enabling us to engage and build relationships with more people.
  3. To use the improved facilities to further develop our catering ministry.

Pillar 4: Evangelism


Our engagement with the community, and a varied programme of outreach, will encourage more people to explore the Christian Faith.


  1. To ensure we use the new facilities and our landmark location to make people feel comfortable coming on to the premises.
  2. To encourage a whole Church welcome and enthusiasm for families and children.
  3. To be more confident in sharing our faith.
  4. To show the community our faith by our actions.
  5. To communicate more effectively with the local community.

All this to be undergirded by a commitment to prayer and every-member ministry.

The Administration of Poppleton Methodist Church

 The Church is held on the 1976 Model Trust by the Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes, and the Church Council act as Managing Trustees.

Managing Trustees at 31st August 2020

Chairman Rev Ian Hill  (also currently Chair of F & P Committee)
Secretary Chris Boothman
Treasurer John Morrison
Pastoral Secretary Marilyn Ingle Representatives elected by the Church Meeting:
Church Stewards Chris Boothman

Margaret Catchpole

Moira Dacker

Wendy Heap

Moira Howard

Frances Priestnall

Chris Scholtz

Christine Stephenson

John Middleton (on sabbatical whilst senior circuit steward)

Lyn Johnson

Brian Latto

Sue Lynn

Ruth Morrison

John Perkin

Sue Perkin

Adrian Radford

Alan Wright

Plus, Members elected by the Church Council
Steven Boothman

Jenny Cookson

Sue Cushing

Sheila Latto

Sheila Middleton

Peter Scholtz

Judith Wright

Property Steward

Mission Committee

Coffee on the Green

Fund Raising

Circuit Council Representative


Worship Leader

Ecumenical Rep Don Wilson (not a Trustee)

During the year, Stephen Peaker, George Ibbotson (dec’d) and Hazel Antill (dec’d) also served on the Church Council.


The Church Council appoints annually all Church Officers as determined from time to time by the Council whether on the nomination of a committee or otherwise; all such appointments being for the year commencing 1 May, apart from the Church Treasurer, whose appointment commences on 1 September. The Council will also appoint the committees of the Church, again, as from 1 May each year. Elected Church Council members are appointed by the Annual Church meeting at which all Church members are eligible to vote.

Minister’s Report

Until March 2020 we had enjoyed a solid year, with progress made on our RUACH project and support for services and other events holding up well.  Since then, however, church life has been very different.

We have adapted well to online services and meetings, and some of these new methods of communication will still be useful even when we can gather in person again.  However we have a significant contingent of people who are not able to join in, so we have tried to provide circulars on paper wherever possible to enable everyone to keep in touch.  We are grateful to people who have undertaken to deliver this material.

As detailed in the reports, some activities have been adapted to the changed circumstances, so Lunch Club has become a ‘meals-on-wheels’ service and Coffee-on-the-Green volunteers have been delivering cakes to order.

Although many of our core activities have been able to continue online, our finances have been severely impacted by Covid19 through the reduction in cash giving from services, lack of fund-raising opportunities and loss of income from other users of our building.

It will take some time to rebuild activities and our finances when restrictions begin to ease.

The Circuit is however intending to appoint someone to help with outreach work in the community and the timing of this will hopefully coincide with the return of opportunities to meet and mix in person.

Reports from committees and groups on the life of the Church during the year ended 31st August 2020

 a) The Mission Committee had, until lockdown in March, met regularly to discuss and plan our outreach activities and events, many of which during the year had been linked to RUACH and our building project.

Prior to March we were involved in the production of our church news sheet, Tapestry, the running of the Craft Group and Cameo and our café sessions, Coffee and Tea on the Green.  These provide opportunities for our church members and the village community to socialise and make new friends.  We have links with Dementia Forward and a puppet group for pupils of the local schools.

Each week and after Easter and the Harvest Festival the flowers from our services are taken to people in the village who are in our thoughts for a variety of reasons. During the Christmas period, Link to Hope shoeboxes were collected and we also sent 100 gifts of cosmetics to Askham Richard Women’s prison.  At the beginning of December, together with our Anglican friends, we delivered Christmas plants to ill, housebound and bereaved villagers.  The Christmas post box was in place to raise donations for the church we support in Kenya and a nativity window display was in place.

In January donations were sent to Action for Children.  A representative from this charity has spoken during one of our services for many years.  We provided a New Year Party with games, a sing-along and tea for our older members and their friends at the end of January.

During lockdown we have tried to keep in touch with those we know who live alone, and cakes were baked for those who missed the café so much.  The café did re-open for a short time and we look forward to the time when we can open our hall again and resume activities.

b) Church Steward’s Report – the team of stewards continued to meet regularly from September until lockdown in March. At the meetings, the rota of duties was arranged and other day to day concerns of running the church were discussed. The stewards prepare the church for worship each week and liaise with the Minister and organist before each service.  They ensure that visiting preachers and newcomers in the congregation receive a warm welcome. Currently the church is closed but we are keeping in touch with digital meetings via Zoom.

c) Property steward’s report – property aspects of our premises are being routinely maintained to a level that meets all related statutory and discretionary requirements – the premises continue to be fit-for-purpose. There are parts of the building where the condition of the paintwork and plaster are extremely poor but rectifying these issues has been deliberately delayed due to the RUACH development impact.

The Church has appointed a new Contract Cleaner whose staff have made a significant improvement to the general cleanliness of the premises. Significant alterations to the Church’s land use and its premises have been made by a team of church members charged with preparing for the demolition and development part of RUACH phase One.

Restrictions arising from Covid 19 regulations have severely limited the use of the church’s premises but when permitted, usage has been successfully managed.

d) Coffee on The Green – COTG began the year extremely well with increased numbers of people enjoying both the Coffee and Lunch sessions. Both volunteers and customers were very sad when we had to close our doors in March due to COVID 19, although everyone agreed it was completely necessary to do so.

As lockdown went on, many people very much missed the social contact we provided. In May, a small team decided to offer a Bakery and Delivery service. This not only provided a treat of our favourite scones and cakes on a Friday afternoon but also enabled some of us to have a quick, socially distanced, chat to people when we delivered. As news spread, we also received offers of help from some more fabulous bakers, which increased our range. This community outreach for 17 weeks until the end of August, raising £1,680 for church funds.

e) Saturday Charity Coffee on the Green – during the year we hosted several Saturday charity coffee mornings until the end of February 2020. We supported Poppleton Under 5’s, UNICEF, York Wheels, York Inspirational Kids and Parkinsons. All were hugely successful and popular with our regular customers, wider village residents and charity supporters while helping to raise much needed funds for the various charities.

f) Tea on the Green – TOTG volunteers operated a Friday afternoon café, which compliments Tuesday morning COTG. It is however a less busy occasion, which makes it more suitable to ‘taxi in’ older housebound folk, who meet over cakes for a chat at their own special table.  On occasions residents from Ebor Court Residential Home come to join them.  The café raised £1,227 which was added to church funds, but was closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak on 13th March 2020 and did not reopen before the end of August.

g) Poppleton Lunch Club ran throughout the year with only a two-week break at Christmas. Before lockdown, volunteers served Wednesday lunches to an average of 13 people per week in the church hall. After the pandemic struck meals were delivered to elderly residents in their own homes.  This may have met nutritional needs, but not the social need to meet up with friends, so alternative arrangements are being investigated.  Lunch Club is a community and not a Church organisation.  It is grateful for the use of the Church hall for which it makes a payment to cover costs.

h) RUACH Project – Following advice from Connexion, our approach to the RUACH project was altered – moving from one project split into three phases to three separate projects. This change was necessary to allow us to undertake the pre-works necessary to secure the planning permission prior to expiration. Following the change, the first project is construction of a new hall to the rear of the chapel. Pre-work to demolish the side porch thus opening direct access to the rear and the building of a new entrance were completed over the 2019/20 new-year period.  This work paved the way for the building of the new hall and secured the planning approval for all three RUACH projects.

Funds raised have been allocated, where possible, to the new hall project and where not possible to the appropriate project.  The pre-work cost £33,000 and was paid for using money raised by the church (no grants were needed).  The first project (new hall) has been re-estimated based on the use of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) instead of breeze blocks.  The new estimate is £557,000, a reduction of about £20,000.   Including pledged grants, a total of £528,500 has been raised towards this (94%) leaving a current shortfall of £29,000.  With such a small amount outstanding, the committee decided to undertake a tender exercise and six builders are currently preparing their bids.  It’s possible that the bids will be lower than our estimate in which case the construction can start immediately.  Otherwise we have grant applications outstanding and can consider appealing to our members to meet the shortfall.  We do want to start the construction as soon as possible.

During the course of the financial year 2019/20 we raised, including pledged grants, a total of £106,000 towards RUACH through our own fundraising activities and grants. This is a significant achievement given that all fundraising activities stopped on the 23rd March because of the Covid-19 epidemic and have yet to resume.

i) Ruach Project Fund Raising Committee – From September 2019 to March 2020, a number of events were held raising £4,665, including the following:

Village Show – cake stall and refreshments, Murder Mystery Drama, Flower Demonstration, Sale of Christmas cards, Sponsored slim, Remembrance Concert with All Saints Church, Track 29 Choir concert, Musical concert by our own members and Tad Chorale Choir concert. Additionally, Quizzes have been run throughout the period and into lockdown.

j) Women’s Fellowship meetings started in September 2019 with our AGM when we had 32 members. Unfortunately, through the year we have had two deaths, and one lady has gone to live with her daughter. The meetings that followed were good and varied until March when Coronavirus caused cancellations of all our subsequent meetings.

k) CAMEO is a group open for anyone to Come And Meet Each Other in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The evening always ends with a time to socialise over tea, coffee and biscuits. The year started with approximately 36 members from within the church family and also the wider village community and a full programme of visiting speakers for the monthly meetings.  From September to March, when Covid prevented any further meeting, members enjoyed a variety of topics, including crime prevention, nursing in Iran, living with dementia, and prison chaplaincy.  Luckily all the speakers booked to visit during lockdown have agreed to return once meetings can resume.

 l) Ebor Court – Our Church members led ‘Songs of Praise’ services at Ebor Court Residential Home on the second Saturday of each month, alternatively with York Baptists. This has always been well received and well attended, but it could obviously not continue after Coronavirus struck. However, we did help organise a memorial service, led by York Baptists, for residents and staff who lost their lives.

m) Kenya Connected Church – Two events were held during the year; the Poppleton Christmas Post which raised £106 delivering Christmas cards around the village. A Kenyan coffee, soup and rolls morning was run in January raising £380. £486 was transferred to Tearfund for our Kenyan partners. A Concert was all ready to go in March but had to be cancelled. In July we heard with sadness that Tearfund are bringing the Connected Church programme to an end.  The Kenya group are therefore investigating an alternative programme to suggest to Church council.

n) Tuesday Concern – Each Tuesday morning, throughout the year, a small group of people meet for half an hour for a short reflection on a bible reading followed by prayer for the people of the village for whom we have concerns or who request inclusion in prayer. Whilst there were a few weeks without meeting due to lockdown we were quickly able to continue using Zoom along with additional access via telephone. Prayer requests have been received by email or phone.

o) The Craft and Art Group – Between September 2019 and March 2020, the craft and art group was attended by between 20 and 30 people per weekly session. This group represents successful outreach to the local community and is open to anyone who wishes to join. A wide range of crafts are undertaken which include knitting, crochet, weaving, card making and painting.  Members share their expertise and enthusiasm and have made positive friendships, leading to mutual support in the community, for example caring for one another if someone is poorly.  The group responded to charitable appeals, e.g. knitting items for the premature baby unit, bringing gifts for the shoebox appeal and donating and wrapping toiletries to give to prisoners on behalf of the church.

p) Poppleton Methodist Drama Group – No report for this year.

In addition to those groups identified in Table 4 and covered above, a number of Community Groups have met regularly on the Church Premises, including: Poppleton Under 5s (playgroup), After school childminding sessions, WI, Table Tennis Club, Quilters group, Art group, York Musical Theatre Company and one-off use for children’s parties. Clearly this was impacted by lockdown restrictions during the year.


Financial Report

  1. General unrestricted Church income and expenditure


Overall unrestricted income is down by £6,771 on the previous year, the majority of the Church’s income streams being negatively impacted by Covid.  Since lockdown in March 2020, there has been no cash income from services, either loose cash or via the envelope scheme.

Interest receipts have continued to increase marginally year on year and include income from TMCP (Methodist Trustees) where the bulk of recent and historic legacies are held.  Gift Aid recoveries received are about the same, but this is because our claim is to the end of March.  Income from lettings is down and we have also in effect lost a term’s payment from the Under 5s. Coffee on the Green receipts were helped by home deliveries of baking during lockdown. Tea on the Green has not operated since March,


Expenses were down by about £3,345 largely due to reduced repair, maintenance and renewal costs and reduced consumables. York Methodist Circuit agreed to maintain our quarterly assessment at the same level for August and November, but it is set to increase after that.

We maintained our donations to Methodist Charities totalling £2,350 in the same distributions as the last few years.  The Church has also received and passed on money raised by fundraising and donations at funerals, disaster appeals and other events totalling £1,728 (2019:£4,423) – these amounts are not included in our main accounts as we passed on exactly the amount raised.


The balance of unrestricted income and expenditure for the year shows a surplus of £8,945 (2019: £12,372) which in the circumstances is remarkable.  The surplus over the past two years has helped to build our reserves as the building work commences. Overall unrestricted funds at the end of the year were £314,879 (2019: £305,934). There are, however, some concerns for the year to August 2021.

  1. The Circuit assessment cost is due to rise by over £500 per quarter.
  2. Our standing order income is reduced slightly as the number of members and contributors has decreased.

3. With no weekly services there has been no cash income for nearly half of the year, and this has continued into the current year.

  1. Little lettings income since March 2020 – an ongoing position, apart from the Under 5s who returned in June.


  1. Ruach (Restricted) Fund

The Ruach Building project restricted fund received an overall total of £15,316 in the year (2019: £22,958). This includes bank interest as well as gift aid received on the donations.  Regular events were held, when we could, including catering events and sales as well as regular quizzes.

With work commencing on the new entrance to the Church, some £36,727 was expended, depleting overall Ruach (Restricted) funds at the end of the year to £91,918 (2019: £113,329).


  1. Other assets

At the same time as the sale of the Manse, next door to the Chapel, in 2017-18, York circuit transferred part of the Manse garden into Church ownership, so providing land for the construction. This is not reflected in the Church accounts as the Circuit owned both premises, and now has a larger area allocated to the Chapel.

The Trustees’ Annual Report and Accounts on these pages were approved by the Trustees on 9th March 2021 and signed on their behalf by:

Revd Ian Hill (Chairman of Trustees and of Church Council)              and                 Dr. John Morrison (Treasurer)






Basis of preparation
The Accounts of Poppleton Methodist Church (‘PMC’) have been prepared in accordance with the Charities Act 2011, The Methodist Church Act 1976 and principles in ‘The Constitutional Practice and Discipline of the Methodist Church’, using the Receipts & Payments basis.  Receipts and Payments include income as received and expenditure when irrevocably paid.  The Accounts include all transactions, assets and liabilities for which PMC is responsible in law.  They don’t include accounts of Internal Organisations as detailed in Table 4 nor those of informal gatherings of Church members.
Unrestricted funds represent the General Funds which are not subject to any special restrictions regarding their use, and are available for application to the general purposes of PMC.  These include funds designated for a particular purpose by PMC.


Restricted funds represent a) income from trusts or endowments which may be expended only on those restricted objects provided in the terms of the trust or bequest, and b) donations or grants received for a specific object or invited by PMC for a specific object. The funds may only be expended on the specific object for which they were given. Any balance remaining unspent at the end of each year must be carried forward as a balance on that fund. The Trustees do not always invest separately for each fund. Where there is no separate investment, interest is apportioned to individual funds on an average balance basis.


Restricted funds entirely comprise the RUACH Building Project.  In addition, funds raised specifically for designated charities or missionary work is segregated and paid over directly to the charity or mission.  There are no endowment funds.
Fixed assets
The value of the land and buildings forming the Methodist Chapel and Church Hall are not included in these financial statements as they are included in the financial statements of York Methodist Circuit Charity No.1134381.


Fixtures and fittings as well as enhancements to the buildings forming the Methodist Church and Church Hall are fully expensed in the year the invoices are settled.

Cash Assets
In addition to Cash held in banks, some Cash is held in interest bearing Deposit Accounts at Methodist Chapel Aid Limited and with the Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church.


In addition, certain legacies recently received by PMC are affected by Section 15(2) of the Methodist Church Act 1976.  As such, these monies are held in trust for the benefit of PMC, but are under the direction of the Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes.  These trust monies are interest bearing but also subject to administration charges.

For Unrestricted General Funds: Given the level of recent legacies and the projected expenditure on our RUACH building project in the next few years, we propose to maintain a minimum reserve on General Fund of £250,000 at least until the earlier of 31st August 2021 or commencement of the RUACH project.
For Restricted Funds: The restricted fund represents our savings for the RUACH Building project, which requires flexibility, and a minimum reserve of £10,000.00 is required at least until the earlier of 31st August 2021 or commencement of the RUACH project.




Independent Examiner’s Report to the Trustees of Poppleton Methodist Church (‘PMC’)
I report on the Accounts contained within the Trustees’ Annual Report of Poppleton Methodist Church for the year ended 31 August 2020, set out on pages 1 to 8.
Respective Responsibilities of Trustees and Independent Examiner
The Charity’s Trustees are responsible for the preparation of the Trustees’ Annual Report and Accounts. They consider that an audit is not required for this year under section 144 of the Charities Act 2011 (the Charities Act) and that an Independent Examination is needed.


It is my responsibility to:

i) examine the Accounts under section 145 of the Charities Act;

ii) follow the procedures laid down in the General Directions given by the Charity Commissioners section 145(5)(b) of the Charities Act; and

iii) state whether particular matters have come to my attention.

Basis of Independent Examiner’s Report
My examination was carried out in accordance with General Directions given by the Charity Commission.


An examination includes a review of the accounting records kept by the Charity and a comparison of the Accounts presented with those records. It also includes consideration of any unusual items or disclosures in the Accounts and the Trustees’ Annual Report, and seeking explanations from the Trustees concerning any such matters. The procedures undertaken do not provide all the evidence that would be required in a full audit, and consequently no opinion is given as to whether the accounts present a ‘true and fair’ view and the report is limited to those matters set out in the statement below.

Independent Examiner’s Statement
In connection with my examination, no matters have come to my attention:
1)  Which give me reasonable cause to believe that in any material respect the requirements to keep accounting records in accordance with Section 130 of the Charities Act; or to prepare Accounts which accord with the accounting records and comply with the accounting requirements of the Charities Act, have not been met; or


2)  To which, in my opinion, attention should be drawn in order to enable a proper understanding of the Accounts to be reached.


Andrew GL Wordie RD BSc FCA
Independent Examiner
12 Easthorpe Drive
Nether Poppleton
York YO26 6NS

9th March 2021