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Grants Awarded in Support of Phase 1

Grants Awarded in support of phase 1

We raised money from a large number of fundraising events over several years and benefitted from a number of legacies.

In addition we are grateful to the following Grant Awarding Bodies for their generosity:-


York Methodist Circuit                                                £25,000                https://www.yorkmethodist.org.uk/

Yorkshire North and East Methodist District              £25,000                 https://www.yorkshirenemethodist.org/

Methodist Connexion                                                 £50,000                 https://www.methodist.org.uk/

Methodist Insurance                                                  £25,000                 https://www.methodistinsurance.co.uk/

Allchurches Trust                                                       £12,000                 https://www.allchurches.co.uk/

Shepherd Group                                                          £1,000                 https://www.shepherd-group.com/

William Birch Construction                                              £250                 https://www.williambirch.co.uk/

The Bernard Sunley Foundation                                £25,000                 https;//www.bernardsunley.org

Beatrice Laing Trust                                                     £6,000                 https://www.laingfamilytrusts.org.uk/

A Christian Charity wishing to remain anonymous     £35,000

Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes                   £25,000                 https://www.tmcp.org.uk/

Congregational and General Charitable Trust            £15,000                 https://www.candgtrust.org.uk/